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Teen Titans Go!

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Beast Boy was also upset as, one by one, he saw each of the Doom Patrol members being taken down by the Brotherhood of Evil and Mento did nothing to save them, but only saying they have to keep moving and focus only on the mission. It was in one of their experiments that Gar revealed his powers for the first time in The New 52 continuity. How to Make A Titananimal Disappear ", Beast Boy's powers are altered by Mumbo so that he could only change into inanimate objects, as opposed to his usual repertoire of animals. Starfire replies that it is, and this causes Robin and Starfire to start discussing the topic of kissing. Beast Boy had a crush on Terra the moment he saw her, while Terra had been charmed by his sense of humor since she first started talking with him. Though Raven constantly mocks him and Beast Boy constantly riles her, the two care deeply for each other and lay aside their differences when necessary.

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